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Fun Facts About Home Inspections

1. Home inspections can uncover hidden problems: Inspectors often find issues that homeowners didn't even know existed, like hidden water damage or faulty wiring.

2. They can save you money: While you have to pay for the inspection, it can save you money in the long run by identifying issues early and allowing you to negotiate repairs or a lower price.

3. They're not just for buyers: Sellers can also benefit from a pre-listing inspection, as it can help them identify and fix issues before putting their home on the market.

4. They're not the same as appraisals: While both involve evaluating a property, appraisals are done to determine the value of a home, while inspections focus on its condition.

5. Inspectors have a keen eye for detail: They'll check everything from the roof to the foundation, looking for any signs of damage or potential problems.

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